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GAFPA was established in 2008 by architects Floris De Bruyn, Philippe De Berlangeer and Frederick Verschueren, shortly after finishing their studies at Sint-Lucas in Gent. The architectural firm from Gent is known for its pragmatic approach. They dismantle an existing context and transform it into a new reality. This method of systematic deconstruction results invariably in new interpretations of architecture, a vocabulary all of their own.

GAFPA intervenes on different levels, ranging from private houses to public buildings, from urban design operations to scenography. The multidisciplinary firm doesn’t limit itself to house-building projects, but also regularly competes in international contest commissions.

Floris De Bruyn
(°1982 Dendermonde) Graduated Master in Architecture at Sint Lucas Gent. Since 2008 he teaches at KU Leuven Faculteit Architectuur, campus Sint-Lucas Gent. He’s currently leading the architecture studio ‘Master advanced architectural design’

Philippe De Berlangeer
(°1980 Aalst) Graduated Master in Architecture at Sint-Lucas Gent

Frederick Verschueren
(°1980 Oudenaarde) Graduated Master in Architecture at Sint-Lucas Gent


Jona Moereels
Graduated Master of Science in Ingenieurswetenschappen - Architectuur at UGent

Matteo Lampaert
Graduated Master in Architecture at KUL Sint-Lucas Gent

Victor Ledure
Graduated Master in Architecture at KUL Sint-Lucas Gent

Silvio Palombo
Graduated Master in Architecture at KUL Sint-Lucas Gent


Helen Van de Vloet, Roxane van Hoof, Gianluca Malvestio, Maxim Lefebvre, Tuur Vermeiren, Jochen Schamelhout, Elena Maria Rossi, Andrea Bigi, Paolo Osti, Luciana Ligeiro, Dimitrios Giannelos, Francis Thaler, Marija Mihaljevic, Jana Vandepoele, Timotheus De Beir



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  • Belgian Building Awards 2015, special mention G1106 'Weekend House Wachtebeke'

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